What a Process Server Does?

process-serversA process server is one that makes sure due process is upheld due to the fifth and sixth amendments of the Constitution of the United States. These are the amendments that outline the “due process” of legal activities in the US.




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The due process is the serving of papers from the court system to people who are being sued, divorced, and other legal problems. It’s one of the most important parts of the criminal justice system in the US.

A San Francisco Process Server serves count paper to people who need to show up in court. The serving of papers is an essential part of civil society to make sure all court papers are severed in an effective and appropriate way.

If the papers are not served, the courts cannot rule on a case because the people involved need to be made aware of the court proceedings. It’s part of the legal justice system in the US. If you haven’t been served papers, you don’t have to show up in court and the case may be thrown out.

This is a law in the United States, that’s why there are process servers. San Francisco Process Servers are the ones who serve papers in the San Francisco area. They are hired by the courts, lawyers, and individuals to serve court papers to those who have cases in the court system.

They even hunt down people who are trying to evade a court case, so they need to have investigative experience. However, the Internet is of great help to them finding people. The people can be served papers at home, works, or even the grocery store, if that’s where they are found.

The San Francisco Process Servers also use a process called proof of service. This means they have to prove the papers were delivered to the people. That can do this in the correct manner according to each state. Each state has their own set of rule and regulations as to how and when papers can be served.

Some papers that are served must be documented they have been served and the Process Servers in San Francisco use a combination of video cameras, witness, or a photograph of the papers being served. Other papers need to be notarized before they are given to individual or companies. This just shows the papers have been created by the court system.