San Francisco Process Server

Need a San Francisco Process Server?

servedIf you or your company are in need of having court papers served for only $39.95, call 415-902-4874. Your papers will be served through a Registered San Francisco Process Server.

The type of papers or documents that need a process server:

Checkmark-Red  Court papers
Checkmark-Red  Small Claims actions
Checkmark-Red  Eviction proceedings
Checkmark-Red  Variety of legal documents
Checkmark-Red  Writs
Checkmark-Red  Summons to appear in court
Checkmark-Red  Subpoenas to testify in court
Checkmark-Red  Formal complaints
Checkmark-Red  Filing appropriate documents in court
Checkmark-Red  Retrieving documents
Checkmark-Red  Track down a defendant

San Francisco process servers know all the ins and outs of which case requires the service of a server. Your case can be thrown out of court or at least be delayed, if you fail to serve the papers according to the laws of the state. It’s always best to check with your attorney or call a process server and ask.

The Constitution requires “no defendant may be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of the law.” That process is serving papers correctly and according to the laws of the state or city. San Francisco process servers perform an important function for the court systems by making sure that parties are properly notified.

The Cost of a San Francisco Process Server

The cost of a San Francisco process server runs from $20 to $100 depending on the time, and attempts it takes to serve papers. The rates can also vary from state to state, although, the average is about $45 per client. Then again, it depends if the process server has to look for the defendant and how many attempts it takes to serve the papers. It’s always best to use an attorney experienced in filing lawsuits so you don’t jeopardize your case in the court system.