Target Legal Support Services has a been voted San Francisco’s best process server. We will make all necessary arrangements to serve your assignment in a timely and cost effective manner.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94102-4801
415-843-1323 Office
877-863-1535 Fax
Attn: Chucky Saysgo

Get your legal documents served professionally!
[Process Server San Francisco] * summons and complaint
* subpoena
* eviction notice
* divorce papers
* restraining order
* small claims
* judgement order

Service includes three attempts, and either a “proof of service” or “due diligence” report mailed to you on completion.

Rates are per person/per address within roughly 15-20 miles of San Francisco.
Special Services

Need writs served? Earnings Witholding Orders? Order of Examination? Make sure these types of documents are served legally. There’s a difference between “registered” process servers and those who are “exempt” from registration. Not all documents can be served by attorneys or private investigators. Find out whether you need a “registered” process server.